Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology Co Ltd

Who we are

Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is located at Thailand Industrial Park, Hi-Tech District, Zaozhuang. As a high and new technology enterprise, Goldencell focuses on the field of green new energy, which is the only enterprise that implements the development mode of the industrial chain of the lithium iron phosphate material, power battery and battery pack, super capacitor, and pure electric automobile.

The main products include LiFePO4 material (international leading level),lithium-iron cylindrical battery (International Top Three), lithium-iron button battery (world first), super capacitor (domestically leading in annual export i),and LiFePO4 power battery and battery system. The main customers include famous enterprises both at home and abroad such as China Mobile,China Unicom,China Shipbuilding Industry,American general electric (GE),CGG,ATL,BPL. The company has built standard workshops of 220,000 square meters, owns high performance LiFePO4 material production lines having an annual output of 20000 tons,lithium ion battery production lines having an annual output of one billion Ampere-hours, super capacitor production lines having an annual output of 600 million super capacitors, and power battery pack and system production lines having an annual output of 1.2 billion Ampere-hours.

Our values

Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology is sparing no effort to create the largest green energy base in the northern regions in China.