Shanghai Feizuo Environment Technology Co,.Ltd

Who we are

Shanghai Feizuo environment technology Co.,Ltd is the technology and sales branch of HL Filter group in Shanghai.We have three production bases which are located at Guangzhou economical & technology development zone, KunShan Qiandeng Datang industrial area as well as Guangde economical development zone, specializing in industrial liquid filtration and powder collecting, devoted to production & sales of filter media, bags, cartridges,housing, cages and other services such as technical service of production application, design & installation of engineer programme.

During continuous development and perfection, our business scope cover products industry application technology solution to customized production and after-sales service guarantee.We also export to the international trader and international business clients with innovative solutions and the best service, to ensure our leading status in the industrial consumables and application.

Our values

(1) Industrial Experiences:

Started in 1985, owns experiences in purification and filter area for 30+ years.

(2) Design Support:

We have ability to use all kinds of manufacturing methods of non-woven fabric, combining with fibers’ specialties to design products that fit requirement of customers.

(3) Competitive Price:

We own and run filter media, filter bag, housing and Cage workshop, so competitive price can be given to customers.

(4) Products & Quality Control:

The materials that we can manage with: Polyester, Aramid, PPS, PTFE,Acrylic,Glass fiber, Polyimide,etc.The filter materials’ capture efficiency , dust removal ability, corrosion resistance ability,water and oil proof ability can be enhanced by the surface treatments like singeing, press polish, film mulching, dipping,coating and so on. We have ISO 9001 2008, Testing center and Lab to guarantee the quality of products.

(5) Technical Development Capability:

We have air permeability, intensity & extension tester,smoke tester, thermal contraction testing box, microscope and so on.

(6) Value-added Service:

Technician solve your issue in the work-site, take samples to check, test, analyze, as well as provide detailed analysis report to clients at regular intervals.

Our presence around the world