Shanghai LEEG Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Who we are

LEEG Instruments is committed to provide excellent performance of measure and control instruments in the area of industrial automation, which implement measurement and control procedures more efficient, more environmentally friendly and safer.

As one of the most innovative provider of measuring instruments solution, LEEG take technology, innovation, and profession as the core concept and try best to supply the highest quality products and services to continually create maximum value for customer, and help clients achieve outstanding achievements.

LEEG have over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing and utilizing hundreds of thousands of products in industry application. We both have two core technologies of sensor technics and circuit board technics. Our profound understanding to the product application and strong technical background ensure you the best products solutions and help you achieve a greater success.

LEEG is a fully-equipped manufacturer We have a complete of EMC testing equipment.High precision automatic calibrator and test equipment.First-class CNC processing equipment. Advanced alternating high and low temperature test chamber. You will be expected to receive high quality products with international standardization from us.Our monocrystalline silicon sensor can achieve 0.05% F.S., accuracy, has reached the world's leading level in the industry.

Our values

Our corporate culture is made of our vision, mission, values and business philosophy of LEEG. Our vision is what we stand for, our mission shows what we want to achieve together, our values is what should guide our action, and business philosophy acts as our code of conduct.

Because we strongly believe that the backbone for the glory of corporate is guiding the work by specific corporate culture. As well as the supreme principle of decision-making in our company.

Our Vision
To be an excellent provider of measuring and control instrument solutions.

Our Mission
Make the measurement and control processes more perfect.

Our Values
Make customer successful is the most important values that we strive to provide high-quality products and services, continue to create maximum value for customers, help customers achieve extraordinary success

Our presence around the world