Shanghai LIVIC Filtration System Co., Ltd.

Who we are

LIVIC is the China leading comprehensive industrial filtration company with over 10 years of experience. We are specialized at self-cleaning filtration technologies and process filtration technologies. We serve the industries such as petro-chemical, fine chemical, water treatment, pulp and paper, auto industry, food and beverage, marine, metal working, etc. Our various self-cleaning filtration technologies apply to the raw waters, circulating cooling waters, oils, chemicals and polymers.

We supply high standard filtration products and offer professional services to many international large companies and China industry-leading companies. We are experienced in the project co-operation with engineering companies. We can design and manufacture filtration systems per international and specific industrial standards and upon the customer's filtration process requirement. We deliver world-class quality filtration products. If you request filtration products with higher standard of performance, quality, safety and service, LIVIC can be your trust-worth partner.

Our engineering company customers include Worley Parsons, DURR, Lurgi, Tetrapak, Bayer Technology Service, Foster Wheeler, SEI (Sinopec Engineering Incorporation), HUALU, Desmet Ballestra, ABB, etc. Our end user customers include BASF, Sinopec, Wacker, CNOOC, Akzo Nobel, Invista, DSM, LANXESS, Honeywell, Nalco, etc. LIVIC's excellent reputation, high performance filtration products and professional design capability and service win wide recognition.

LIVIC was set up in 2009 with10 million CNY registered capital (paid up) and has about 100 employees. LIVIC's marketing center and technology center are located in Shanghai, China. We have two manufacturing bases, one in Shanghai and another one in Jiangsu Province. LIVIC has passed the ISO9001:2015 certification, comprehensively implements ISO9001 quality management system and the ASME/GB150 design, fabrication and inspection standard, produces filter equipment and precision elements according to the standardized process. LIVIC consistently invests in the research and development of filtration technology and gets a number of patents. Due to the excellent market transformation of R&D achievements, LIVIC has been Shanghai High-tech Enterprise approved by Shanghai Government since 2015.

LIVIC is a professional filtration company with the globalized business and the network of sale and service around the world. We have branches in China main cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an. We also have agencies in Belgium, Norway, USA, Canada, Korea, Indonesia, India, Australia, South Africa, UAE, etc. Our network will respond to your request quickly and offer you the local filtration support service.

Our values

Filtration technology is playing a more important role in the industry process. The advanced and efficient filtration technology rapidly leads to the long-term profitable return of investment in many aspects. For instance, filtration can purify the liquid, improve the final product quality, protect the key equipment, reduce the high-cost malfunction risk, save expensive maintenance cost, prevent equipments from scaling or wearing, reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, recycle water resource and save the expensive cost of waste environment treatment. It is widely acknowledged that the advanced and reliable filtration technology greatly improves the process and operation efficiency.

However, customers experience some problems as following: the new filter failure because of wrong selection, low flowrate capacity and tough work of cleaning and replacement, design flaws resulting in short service life of filter elements or filter systems, unstable filtration performance resulting in product quality fluctuation, slow response and poor capability in analyzing and solving the problems, even without any after-sales service, poor design and manufacturing standard resulting in the potential safety risk, products are exposed and polluted when being filtered, high loss of valuable liquid when cleaning and replacing the filter element, poor filter housing material and serious corrosion...

How to avoid the possible loss and risks as above? The key is selecting the professional filtration partner.

LIVIC has copious filtration engineering experience in many industries and has the ability to provide the powerful filtration support. We are pleased to be your long-term filtration partner. LIVIC filtration technology team has copious filtration experience and case data in many industries, works according to the standard and rigorous filtration consultant service process, provides the professional and scientific technology support and the filtration solution. Starting from investigating customers' service conditions and investment consideration, we analyze the filtration characteristics of the fluid, select the filtration process, provide the filtration pilot service, offer the final large-scale filtration solution and turn customers' filtration requirement into the feasible and efficient filtration system. LIVIC's technology helps customers obtain the profitable return of filtration investment and avoid the investment risk.