Shanghai Nanhua Electronics Company

Who we are

NANHUA, born for safety

We provide highly reliable products, Customized solutions, professional services.

Since funded in 1990, NANHUA started to pay close attention to people who work in high-risk area. From the ports to mining machinery, from blower tower barrel to high-rise buildings, from the airport to the offshore platform, our research staff and sales personnel into the most demanding work environment, only to understand customer's real needs, combined with signal, lighting and control technology, to develop a suitable products and provide satisfactory service.That is why NANHUA has continued to grow.
Today, the NANHUA products and solutions have been successfully applied to the wharf, mining, airport, energy and other industries. NANHUA has become a execution standard in part of industrial field, also NANHUA products are regarded as a high-performance solution. This is an honour and a responsibility. NANHUA will continue to insist the concept of reliable and safe research, keep exploring the latest technology, and devote to developing new products to help customers solve problems and realize the improvement of customer value.

Our values

Our philosophy

As an employee of NANHUA, we believe that the reason why NANHUA exists is to provide customers with excellent products and services.
We trust each other and believe that the value of both business and individuals needs to be achieved through long and hard work. Integrity and mutual respect are the criteria to deal with our business.
NANHUA is committed to creating an interactive and open cultural environment. We respect diverse cultures, and we courage to innovate and develop.

We believe that through our creative and active work, we can change the world. NANHUA expects to become a company with international competitiveness. We are full of hope for a better future! And we are willing to work with our customers, partners, and colleagues to take our responsibility of the work and share a happy life.

Born for safety

Our products, services and thinking all reflect the original intention of our company-born for safety. The pursuit of safety guides our daily work and thinking, and makes NANHUA becoming one of the leading suppliers.
Commitment and value are deeply rooted in our hearts.
Over the years, NANHUA has been committed to providing more innovative products and solutions so that our customers can realize their personal, economic and ecological values.
We participate in industry associations and national committees as well as the formulation of national industry standards, so that we can actively help build the future of industry. As an independent business organization, our goal is to become your reliable partner and build a bright future together.