Shanghai Royal Technology Inc.

Who we are

Shanghai Royal Technology Inc. was established in 2006, as a worldwide supplier of high quality vacuum equipment. Research and Development technology are supported by specialized engineers in the United States and China. High-tech machine manufacturing facilities are located in Shanghai and our global network of service centers ensure fast customer service response in key locations.
Shanghai Royal Technology has a strong drive for innovative design and high quality components selection, combined with an extra careful assembly process and a topnotch team of talented technicians and inventors, which enable us to offer turn-key coating solutions with high standard vacuum equipment, meeting and often exceeding Western standard. We are determined to serve the market worldwide in various industries : Consumer electronics, automotive, renewable energy, architecture, Nano and bio-medical materials.

RTAS1250 and RTAS1612, the arc and sputtering integrated series equipment can produce jet black, copper and brass high quality decorative coatings.
FCEV1213 is a sputtering system which foresees PECVD processing to deposit thin film on hydrogen fuel cell bipolar plate. Fuel Cell Vehicles is the newest technology for the next generation of environmentally friendly cars. The main advantage and technological progress compared to commonly used batteries like dry cells need to undergo a recurring recharging process, but hydrogen fuel cell power modules only require Hydrogen and Oxygen reaction to generate power for driving.

DPC-AS1215 is a coating system exclusively used for DPC (Direct Plating Copper) ceramic substrates process. The DPC ceramic substrates are widely used in various applications: for instance in high brightness LED to increase the longevity because of its high heat radiation performance, Semiconductor equipment, in microwave wireless communication, military electronics, various sensor substrates, aerospace, railway transportation, electricity power and much more.

CsI-950 and CsI-950A+, the evaporation coating plant is applied to CsI film deposition for X-Ray Imaging devices. It is an advanced technique to evaporate CsI on the screen to create high quality images. The high-resolution performance allows this application to be extremely efficient and disruptive in the medical instrument, security checking and inspection, high energy physics subjects and more.

Shanghai Royal Technology also successfully designed and developed Cube and Cylinder model large size Aluminum Vacuum Metalizing System which is used for Automotive Logo and Symbol Signs Boards.
Live Locally, Think Globally is our Vision. We live our day to day business by the concept of “Integrity and Solidarity”, always striving for innovation to achieve win-win situations in our ecosystem of worldwide partners. As pioneers in the Vacuum Coating Equipment Industry, we never relied on previous accomplishments, but we continuously tried to explore the ever changing world of the Vacuum Coating Industry to always create optimal economic, social and environmental benefits for our customers.

Our values


------------- Standardization, Precision, Stabilizaiton

ROYAL's Vision: to be the worldwide famous brand supplier of providing total solutions to customers requirement.
ROYAL' Mission: protects the environment, saves our blue planet ; to improve labors tough working environment, enhance work efficiency, completely help owners to reduce production cost.
ROYAL's Philosophy: human-oriented, honest, innovative and make the greatest contribution to society.
ROYAL's Value: innovation, advanced technology’s R&D, serving China and worldwide's manufacturing industries.
ROYAL's Service: ONE-STOP service, with excellent technology and products, professional dedication to serve our customers.

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