Shenzhen Golden Margins Co., Ltd.

Who we are

Golden Margins Co., Ltd. is a technology company focusing on the touch display field. The company's business areas include touch displays, touch all-in-one machines, and optical bonding services. All products are independently developed, designed, and produced on our own.

As a leading specialist for display technology, Golden Margins offers a broad portfolio of displays of every size from well-known manufacturers whose product strategy focuses on industrial applications. This fulfills the most diverse requirements placed on display technologies and modern and innovative product designs.

The company currently has a production workshop of 3,600 square meters and a high-standard dust-free workshop of 1,600 square meters. The company's market positioning provides global customers with cost-effective touch display products which can provide customized products according to customer requirements.

The company has ISO 9001:2005 quality system certification and follows strict quality standards and requirements.

Our values

"Quality Achieves Excellence"

We value our partners and will constantly strive to increase their business profitability, by providing quality and cost-effective solutions. To achieve complete customer satisfaction in partnership.

Golden Margins is a leading Industrial Touchscreen Monitor manufacturer providing reliable, cost-effective, and flexible touch screens and industrial panel PCs. We are committed to bringing the best quality, service, and touch solutions to our customers,and offer the most recently updated CPUs and internal hardware to guarantee our customers receive superior performances and great customer services. In addition, our industrial computers come in several shapes, screen sizes, and configurations, we can customize an industrial computer for virtually any application or work site condition.