Shenzhen Milvent Technology Co.,Ltd

Who we are

MILVENT is a professional manufacturer for plastic and metal components for more than years. Our company provides plastic parts and metal parts manufacturing that includes Breather Venting Plug parts Assembly,Ventilation Cable Gland,Plastic Cabel Gland,Metal Cableg Gland or Conduit Fitting,Venting Sticker, Acoustic Vent Sticker etc, We also do OEM on Rubber Part,Plastic Injection and Metal Stamping.

Our company manufactures high quality mechanical products ranging from healthcare,automotive parts, industrial eletronics, consumer electronics, power supply and niche telecommunication products. We are capable in providing OEM/ODM services to our customers.

Milvent has gained worldwide recognition on our services for many years in the outdoor electronics industry. We are committed to offer the best quality and delivery services to our customers.

Through our constant growth and expansion, we now have 1 plastic and 1 metal facilities at different locations in China.

RoHS & WEEE Compliance

Milvent's Plastic and Metal Divisions are already in compliance with the RoHS Directive 2007/95/EC on the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances and WEEE Directive 2007/96/EC on Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipments since they came into force on July 1st, 2009.

Our values

Our mission: to provide better Venting Technology Solutions,keep product innovation,good quality and good service.

Our core values

Honesty and integrity: our values start with a belief that we do the right thing, even if this is not the simplest way to success.

When we are hard to make decisions, we always adhere to honesty and strive to make ethical decisions. This is related to the

long-term interests of our customers, employees, patients and shareholders. This is the cornerstone of all our other values.

Mutual respect: we respect each shareholder, regardless of position or social status. We are open and honest, good at listening

and do our best to promote the diversification of our business. In order to achieve success, we are committed to creating a free

room for our employees. The most important thing is that we will achieve the common goal by the strength of the group, which is

the most advantageous for a group or a company.

Open mind: we emphasize open thinking, free from the constraints of existing concepts, and create new ideas. We take risks, and

encourage other innovative ideas that are worthy of the name to renew our ideas. We have dreams.

Active participation: we take the initiative to participate in the ideas, actions and reforms that can enhance the strength of our

company, though the future is unpredictable. We go all out to focus on what we are doing, not just where our responsibilities lie.

Strengthening competitive advantage: we must give full play to our competitive edge, explore and accumulate strength to help our

partners succeed. We take advantage of both sides to find ways to innovate on our strength so that we can get the most out of the

market. We actively explore in the field where we can lead, adopt best practices and standardize it, optimize our work to create

the best value.

Action oriented: our action orientation is to solve the problem even in the most difficult situation and take tough measures in

complex and inexplicable situations. We believe that only when we act in accordance with the requirements can we achieve good

results. We advocate initiative instead of sticking to the rules.

Strong sense of responsibility: we have a strong sense of responsibility and are brave enough to take responsibility for our

actions. We are proud of our work, for the value we create for each other, and for the value we bring to the company. We firmly

believe that all people's efforts are worthwhile, and we will be rewarded.