Who we are

Shenzhen Rion Technology Co., Limited(RION for short) is a high-tech company specialized in design and manufacturing inclinometer, compass, accelerometer, gyro sensor, MEMS IMU, MEMS INS, north finder and so on. RION has excellent developing team both in software and hardware.

In hardware, RION has the ability of manufacture and test advanced inertial navigation and integrated navigation system by equipment such as marble test platform, high-low temperature chamber, super low temperature chamber, single/triple axis turntable, several high precise automatic indexing table, impact-vibration table, 3 axis non-magnetic calibration bench, special vehicle carried dynamic test device and so on.

In software, our engineers are composed mainly by professional postgraduates, doctors, and RION has a resource share platform with BUAA. Based on technology of GPS satellite+INS inertial navigation, algorithm, we together develop the top integrated navigation system, IMU, inclinometer, 3D anti-magnet compass etc in China. RION’s business covers the newest technology, tech-equipment and aerospace equipment, new energy, IOT, energy saving and so on. RION’s products are the core parts of automation, intelligence, informationization, digitalization with wide application in engineering machinery, UAV, intelligent robot, oil drilling, coal mining, technology equipment, defense, aerospace, marine surveys, high precise mapping, new energy and so on.

RION is also honored by ISO9001 and double-soft(a special military certificate), 11 software copyright, many products national expertise report, several appearance patent, 2 patent of invention, 7 self-developed core technology.

RION is a Chinese brand with vigor and passion, forging itself to fully self-developed enterprise. Expecting promising future, RION is growing rapidly, providing the best solution in position, attitude and inertial navigation. RION rooted in China, covering the globe, and devote itself to pursuit ever more precise value in position, attitude, inertial navigation.

Our values

Taking the opportunity of Chinese reform and open, RIONers, propelled by the Spirit of dedication, innovation and determination,
turn RION into a leading manufacturer of position sensor out of nothing. In 2008, RION set foot in international market, promoted
its own brand toward the whole world and is becoming a flagship against many Chinese sensor companies on the way to
globalization. In next 10 years, RION will always pivot at the trinity-design, quality and market-orientation, and develop itself into a creative, reliable and reputable sensor brand for the world.