Shenzhen Topway Technology Co. Ltd.

Who we are

Shenzhen Topway Technology CO., Ltd.

Founded in 1996, Shenzhen Topway Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading LCD module manufacturer with full-service, consultative approach, giving you access to our highly skilled team of design and development engineers.

We work side by side to help you overcome any technical and none technical challenges that may arise during product design, manufacture or installation. We can even take over component sourcing and manufacturing for our clients.

Our customers come from a variety of sectors. Our products are known worldwide for their flexible use, reliable quality and reliable support. More than 20 years expertise coupled with longevity of our LCD modules make Topway Technology a reliable partner for decades.

Our values

Our Vision: To be leading Industrial Display Solution Supplier in the world

Our Mission: To make your vision become reality

Our History:

1. Founded in 1996 for LCD panel design

2. Started COB LCM production in 1998

3. Started TAB LCM design and production in 2000

4. Started oversea  business in 2004

5. Got ISO9001 certification in 2008

6. Certified as Top 10 LCD module manufacturer by China Government in 2010

Our Product Lines:

1. Full Graphics LCD Module

2. Character LCD Module

3. Chinese Fonts LCD Module

4. TFT LCD Modules

5. Smart LCD Modules

Our presence around the world