Who we are

SIAP+MICROS S.p.A. was established in 2003 from the merge of SIAP Bologna (Bologna - Italy) and of MICROS (San Fior – Italy) two leading Companies in the environmental monitoring system’s market.

SIAP has been producing instruments for meteorology since 1925. In such a long time span, SIAP equipment have been installed almost worldwide, as result of well proven quality and realiability.

MICROS has been active since 1976 in the designing and manufacturing of data acquisition, remote measurement and control for environmental and industrial applications. The advanced design and manufacturing flexibility made MICROS a safe referral in the measurement and data acquisition industry.

SIAP+MICROS gathers together the technology and application know-how of both companies, and the broad variety of experiences and expertises makes the new Company worldwide unique, featuring one of the widest range of products and systems for the environmental and industrial monitoring industry backed by more than 95 years of application know-how.

SIAP+MICROS is controlled by TEI Group. Originated by TEI S.p.A., a Company which has been working for more than 40 years in the environmental engineering, TEI Group provides SIAP+MICROS’ R&D with forefront directions towards emerging technologies.

Our values

Our View
SIAP+MICROS works in order to provide complete solution for monitoring field, a sector where the most advanced technology is essential and at the same time the standardization is almost impossible and the answers must be as quick and custom as possible. The flexibility in designing and in providing specific solution to Customer’s requests aim the Company from the “Research & Development”, to the products manufacturing, to Customer Care Services. According to SIAP+MICROS’s view, a successful project presumes the highest command of all the involved elements, and for this reason all SIAP+MICROS’ products, both hw and sw, are completely created, planned and manufactured by us.

Our Mission
SIAP+MICROS’ goal is to gain the faith of its customers giving them high quality solutions. In SIAP+MICROS quality means reliability of products and systems: SIAP+MICROS’ stations – put through a regular maintenance – last for many decades. Immediately after the installation, a big effort has been spent for the start-up phase and adjustment of the systems in order to guarantee the highest percentage of acquired valid data throughout the years.