Simex S.r.l

Who we are

Simex was estabilished in 1991 in San Giovanni in Persiceto outside Bologna, quickly becoming a recognized producer of hydraulic attachments for earthmoving machines.

Early products included planers for mounting on backhoes followed by planers for skid steer loaders.

Simex then expanded into international markets thanks to the production of wheel excavators, wheel compactors and asphalt planers, gaining excellence in road maintnenance attachments, a filed in which the company remains an undisputed leader.

Design and production of new attachments, such as double drum rotary cutter heads, crusher buckets and screening buckets with adjustable output for excavator mounting are examples of Simex's ongoing dedication to designed efficient and customized solutions taht satisfy every customer requirement.

In addition, the any patents obtained are a mark of constant quality

Our values

We come from an area that has a deep-rooted tradition in mechanical engineering, one boasting the presence of brands that have made automotive and motorcycling history.

Supported by this tradition, Simex immediately set itself apart for an ability to zero in on solutuons, then to produce equipment that places users in the condition of tackling complex applications and executing them with success and at a profit.

A focus on the actual needs of users combined with a design aimed to facilitate maintenance and improve structural and component durability have always denoted our products.

Each day thaousands of our attachments are used in the most widely varying work conditions in every corner of the world. Out of these daily experiences arise suggestions and ideas that will lead to the definition of ever new solutions.