Who we are

Sirena, founded in 1974 by Alberto Garnerone from a family tradition dating back to the 1930’s, started producing horns and electro-mechanical sirens, expanding the range in the 1980’s to include electronic sirens, rotating beacons and work lights.

Today, Sirena is one of the most important manufacturers of audible and luminous warning devices offering an extensive range of products in two main market sectors:

• SIGNALING: automation, robotics, control panels, explosion proof, safety
• AUTOMOTIVE: agricultural vehicles, earthmoving machines, industrial vehicles, emergency and priority vehicles

The Company spreads over an area of 40.000 sq.m. divided in two locations situated two kilometers from each other. Sirena has the capacity to produce over 2.000.000 pieces/year handling over 5.000 codes.

Sirena has an extensive distribution network both in Italy and abroad, distributing all types of signalling devices efficiently and rapidly to the industrial and automotive markets.

Our main objective is customer satisfaction, to supply quality products promptly and to assure an efficient pre and post sales service. To this aim, the Company’s Quality & Handling System has been certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001 requirements.

Sirena’s mission is to conduct its activities according to an integrated management system relating to environmental sustainability (aimed at prevention and improvement of all that has an impact on working environments) as well as to health and safety at work.

Sirena’s in-house Research & Development Centre follows constantly the most recent technological innovations, developing ranges of products with the use of up-to-date electronic components and the latest generation light source technology thus allowing us to meet the ever-demanding developments in the market.

“Safety….Sirena’s daily commitment since more than half a century”

Our values

SIRENA S.p.A. is a company that pursues with great professionalism and experience the art of producing audible and visual signalling devices, with a high degree of specialization and maximum attention to quality and safety.

The particular characteristics of the product supplied, the high professionalism elaborated and SIRENA’s national and international prestige, prove that the commitment to the reference social and environmental context is more than ever alive.

The Code of Ethics concretely expresses the bond/constraint with all those who interact with Sirena; the company is presented in such a way to integrate productivity, social responsibility and ethical commitment.
To define and state behavioural standards in order to respond to the expectations and moral legitimacy of its stakeholders, is therefore to SIRENA SpA not only a duty but also a “modus vivendi” by which to measure itself and improve daily.