Who we are

AZUD group, developes solutions and product focused on the rational use of water in filtration and water treatment systems. AZUD is a group of companies made up by more than 20 firms. Sensitive to the problems of water, the main objetive of AZUD is the development of technologies and products that allow the efficient use and the maximum profitability of a scarce resource as the water is. The strategy of AZUD concentrates in The Culture of Water, axis of its activity, which promotes the rational use of the water.

The growing and consolidation of the company based on the relation with the people. Our customers´ success is ours too. This priciple has been tranmitted to our distributors and subsidiaries network all over the world, and it has been understood by all those who make AZUD.

AZUD is an international brand with a global project. The strategy developed is based on the culture of water, the innovation and the orientation to the customer, have favoured its fast and internationally consolidated growing. AZUD is present in more than 70 countries around the five continents offering customized solutions for every market.

Our values

AZUD growing has been possible thanks to its commitment to innovation based on our customer’s needs.

AZUD considers essential the investment in R&D, a key element on its long-term strategy. The company has invested an important part of their economic and human resources to the development of technologies and products that permit the efficiency use of water and energy. As a result of their effort, AZUD has developed a global offer, supplying solutions in FILTRATION and WATER TREATMENT.
AZUD has set the trend. The modularity and versatility of our products offer advantages and make the processes easier for distributors and final customers, increasing our efficiency in the service to our customers and affronting with the maximum guarantees any kind of project independently of its dimensions of technological difficulty.

Looking ahead, the company continues working to optimize the use of the hydric resources worldwide, faithful to its compromise with The Culture of Water.

Our presence around the world