Who we are

SITEMA, the Safety Company

We are the specialists
SITEMA is the only company in the world specializing in the development
and production of clamping devices and linear brakes. The
consequence of that specialization: SITEMA is an internationally
respected partner to machinery manufacturers. We specialize in
securing, clamping and fi xing loads in axial motion. It is a fi eld in
which we have been a leading brand name for many years, particularly
with our SITEMA Clamping Heads. Alongside our broad product
portfolio, we offer unique consulting and solution-delivering expertise
to meet any challenge.

Supreme experience
It was back in 1979 that SITEMA developed the first system enabling the
transmission of high braking forces of hydraulic elevators by friction directly on the piston rod. This new technology
was the foundation for ongoing development and diversification into a wide variety of different clamping heads.
Today, SITEMA manufactures hydraulically, pneumatically, mechanically and electrically operated clamping heads for many different applications.

Our values

Transparency is the key to our success
Our corporate headquarter is designed to
suit the way we work: straight-lined, and
transparent. With an open architectural
style that connects and encourages interaction.
With a spatial concept that promotes
teamwork yet maintains focus on attaining
our shared success.

Sustained progress
When you have a mature product range, it’s all about
optimizing the detail. SITEMA’s development team
delivers continuous improvement in design and ensures
regular expansion of the product portfolio. One
of the fruits of those efforts was the PowerStroke, an
innovative solution for holding molds closed. Find out
more about the clamping head with integrated short
stroke cylinder on page 20.

Our presence around the world