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Help your bearing achieve its maximum service life

Every bearing has a certain service life potential. But not every bearing achieves it as a result of premature bearing failure. Causes of premature bearing failure are:

Poor fitting (16%)

Poor lubrication (36%)

Contamination (14%)

Fatigue (34%)

Proper bearing maintenance can help you prevent premature bearing failures. You can considerably extend your bearings’ service life by applying the right maintenance practices and using the correct tools for:

Bearing mounting

Lubrication of the bearing

Shaft and belt alignment

Monitoring of the condition of the bearing

Bearing dismounting.

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SKF’s complete range of maintenance products can help you get the maximum service life from your bearings. For more information about SKF maintenance products or to order any of these products, please contact your local SKF authorised distributor or SKF sales company. On the Internet, SKF can be found at SKF Maintenance Products can be found at

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