SM Instruments

Who we are

Founded in 2006, SM Instruments is an expert in sound and vibration. With our potential, we have been enjoying privilege as National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner from the very beginning.

We are specializing in BSR(Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle) issues that is to be eliminated. Sound Camera and BSR Observer are our innovative main products. The more essential detecting and eliminating BSR noises become, the more important our roles become. It is we, SM Instruments, who are propagating innovation in sound and vibration measurement for making the world free from unnecessary noises.

Our values

SM Instruments has world leading customers in its own neighborhood. These customers continuously require high-end sound and vibration solutions; thus this has become a core factor in SM Instruments’ technical innovation. A total of 14 patents in the sound and vibration measurement area speaks volume about SM Instruments, a provider of many innovative instruments such as Sound Camera, Sound Scanner and BSR Scanner. SM Instruments has been investing in quality control to guarantee customer’s confidence. Obtaining the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications is a part of SM Instrument’s continuous pursuit of error free solutions.

Our presence around the world