Who we are

SOBEM-SCAME SAS was born in 2013 after the merger between SOBEM SA (manufacturer of electrical cabinets and enclosures for construction sites) and its subsidiary SOBEM-SCAME Sarl (exclusive distributor of SCAME products on the French territory) in order to improve the commercial relationships with its customers..
The know-how of SOBEM, a company founded in 1955, was retained after the merger between the both entities.

Our business turns on different skills. We carry out studies and the manufacture of sheet metal on demand, electrical installation appliances, electrical cabinets and enclosures for construction sites, industrial or for public authorities and events. More, we are in charge of selling the products of famous brands :
. SCAME : industrial plugs and sockets, junction boxes, modular enclosures, switches and emergency buttons…
. SONLUX : lighting for construction sites
. ENSTO : polycarbonate/ABS boxes and enclosures.

Our exclusive sales force, spread out on all the national territory, gives us an important adaptability. Our products are distributed by a very tightly network of wholesalers.
We are present on the five continents too.

We have lots of references in different branches and lots of famous companies grant us their confidence since a long time (building, industry, nuclear area, military area, aeronautics, transport and communication). Our cabinets are used on the biggest construction sites in France and abroad : railway tunnels, dams and highways, viaducts, nuclear plants, airports…

SOBEM-SCAME bets on the future and the new energies by offering now a large range of products dedicated to the charging of the electric vehicles. Our force rests on the capacity to offer products that totally fit out the requirements of our customers. This is possible because of our modern, high-performance and flexible machines that permit us mass production or just one piece.

Our values

Certified since 1994, quality is an important part of the everyday life of each one of our colleagues both for production and management. For that, our quality reasoning relies on the expertise our production through self control realised all along the process of production, from the receipt of the raw materials to the finished product. SOBEM is a company based on the responsibility of its colleagues where quality is not a constraint but a state of mind.

In the consequence of our quality and environmental reasoning, we decided to realise our energetic assessment to decrease our energetic mark and limit the global warming. The purpose of this approach is to make our employees sensitive to environment in their daily life.

Our different commitments are the following :

•Respect the legal requirements and others
•Manage as well as possible our rubbish owing to the sorting out and recycling that we made since more than 30 years
•Make our employees and subcontractors sensitive in order to they become the mainstring of this reasoning
•Keep our resources (raw materials and energies)
•Improve continuously our production process in order to limit our environmental impact