Softing Industrial Automation

Who we are

Softing Industrial specializes in the implementation of digital data exchange and the improvement of data communication in industrial automation applications. Its portfolio comprises hardware and software products and customized solutions for seamless communication at OT level (field level/operating technologies) and easy data exchange with the IT level (information technologies). The products and solutions from Softing Industrial are designed to meet the increasing requirements of integrated and secure data communication. They offer superior functionality, are easy to use and enable customers to optimize industrial value creation processes and improve the efficiency of machinery and equipment.

Our values

Delivering consistent customer benefit is our ultimate priority!

Satisfied customers are the basis for our business success, which must reflect in our financial stability and above average profitability. This allows us to give the development of our offerings the time needed and to act with continuity.

As an international product leader for implementation and the improvement of technical data exchange processes, we deliver high quality products inspiring our customers through superior functionality and ease of use.

We apply our engineering expertise to the provision of technical integration services and bridge technology gaps with our software, hardware and services. Both our standard products and our customized solutions realize and improve the flow of data and information, enabling our customers to optimize their value creation processes.

We have a fascination for technology and we are enthusiastic about tackling technological challenges. The cutting-edge solutions we develop and market meet such challenges head-on. We set standards for quality, functionality and ease of use. For the products and services we provide, we expect a fair price that is commensurate with their value. We listen carefully in order to precisely understand the needs of our customers.

We are proud of our reputation as a strategic business partner to companies that think and act globally. This reputation derives from the relevance of our products and our active participation in technology organizations specifying globally valid technical standards.

We will continue to build a corporate culture that respects and values the unique strengths and cultural diversity of our employees, partners and customers, and is guided by the belief that performance and loyalty are the foundation of long-term relationships.