Spreitzer GmbH & Co. KG - Präzisionswerkzeuge

Who we are

SPREITZER - a name that stands for precision

The family company SPREITZER PRECISION TOOLS was founded in 1983 by Johann Spreitzer for the development, construction and manufacturing of complex system solutions for clamping technology and metrology. Our company looks back on many years of experience in which innovation has always been important right from the start. Customers worldwide have profited from the valuable experiences of the SPREITZER company and its employees. Established expertise, modern production methods and customer-focused thinking and action guarantee an optimum result, even under difficult circumstances.

Our product range:

Clamping technology – milling, drilling, grinding and EDM.

SPREITZER’s modular fixturing and clamping systems provide innovative and powerful solutions for single-part and small series production. We manufacture compact and robust centre-clamping vises for their use on modern multi- axis machining centers. Due to their high precision and design, our clamping devices are valued worldwide by our customers in the tool and mould making industry. Magnetic and vacuum clamping technology makes for efficient clamping solutions for all types of metal processing.

Clamping technology – measuring and testing.

Our ALUMESS clamping devices enable a modular and flexible application on coordinate measuring machines, measuring stations as well as measuring microscopes. Due to the easy mounting of components, a changeover of the clamping solution can be achieved within seconds. Our wide range of available precision clamping tools and additional components can be used universally in the measuring and testing room.

Clamping technology – automation.

SPREITZER produces state-of-the-art clamping concepts for your automation solutions. Pallet handling We offer high-quality modular clamping technologies for pallet automation. Our focus is on maximum performance and variability of clamping devices, as well as on costefficient investment. Part handling Our pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical clamping devices can be used universally. We develop and deliver custom-made clamping units as well as fixtures for use in multiple tool mounting of your production cell.

Clamping technology – micro-machining.

The production of small and mini products for the watchmaking and jewellery industry as well as for medical technology has specific requirements to do with the clamping of workpieces. Our wide product range comprises specifically designed precision clamping solutions for the manufacture of small and sensitive workpieces as well as extremely precise components.

Custom-made fixtures.

We plan, develop and manufacture high-quality fixtures according to the individual intended use and requirements of our customers. Our core skills lie in special mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic custom-made clamping fixtures. You can profit from our long-term project experience, skills and solutions for every detail and innovation. We manufacture complete rotary joints and distributors for air, oil and water based on drawings, samples and mounting space, as well as according to customer specifications and individual needs.

Measurement technology – concentricity gages and fixturing kits.

Concentricity gages from SPREITZER are used for test tasks on external, internal and flat surfaces of rotation parts. In particular, the concentricity of two or more diameters can be determined, and run-out measurements can be implemented. Our universal measuring and testing fixturing kit with corrosion-protected design allows for the fast, simple and precise mounting of customer-specific measuring and testing equipment.

Service – plasma nitriding and contract manufacturing.

We provide future-oriented plasma nitriding technology with ionic processes. This surface treatment process – done in a vacuum with ionized and reactive gases – is notable for its lack of distortion, high wear-resistance and dimensional accuracy. We offer cutting-edge CNC manufacturing technology on our comprehensive machinery for use as an “extended workbench”. Our strong point is the rapid and easy handling of small volumes, spare parts and sample parts jointly with our extensive machinery. All products are manufactured in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Repairs and spare parts services.

Maintenance and repair We recommend that you have any repairs or modifications of our products undertaken within our factory. This is the only way to ensure efficient and failure-free use of your SPREITZER product. Regular maintenance carried out by our staff increases the uptime of your SPREITZER product. Furthermore, unexpected failures can be reduced to a minimum. We guarantee you a corresponding functional check for all repairs as well as a quick response time and fast processing. Spare parts and service We recommend that you only use original spare parts and original accessories that meet our specifications. Replacement and mounting by our company also guarantees the best possible usage of SPREITZER products in the future. We guarantee you spare parts to manufacturer's quality.

Our values


A list of international clients benefit from the experienced know-how of SPREITZER's colleagues. A well founded specialized knowledge in modern production methods as well
as a customer orientated way of thinking and working guarantees an optimal result, even with difficult tasks.


Development and construction is carried out on modern and high-performance 3D-CAD-work stations in order to shorten the lead-times for routine jobs. As a result of this, more time can be spent on the more creative parts of a project. It is important for our customers who are requiring specialised constructions that we use a 3D-CAD-system as this provides quick access to draft and construction drawings thanks to a problem free exchange of data including all accessible data formats.


The economical production run is carried out using modern CNC-machines and is supported by a CAD/CAM-system. Qualified workers are responsible for the mounting and the
control. In order to achieve a constant high level of precision we have a CNC-coordinate measuring machine for qualitative control and assessment at our disposal. In order to achieve that our products will be delivered on time, the entire organization, production planning and production run are monitored and supported by a high performance ERP-system.