Who we are

The journey of Stamperia Carcano SPA began during the 1950’s when Giuseppe Carcano made the radical and brave decision to convert a mechanical workshop dedicated to construction of mechanical equipment into a hot printing press of steel products thus opening the way for new markets, which at that time offered important development possibilities.

The group’s cohesion has always been a strong point of Stamperia Carcano spa and decisions were always shared and supported by the family group. Giuseppe Carcano, his wife Ebe and his sister Franca together began the development process, which led the company into new sectors such as hardware, naval, telephone, electric and railway sector, fundamental for a reality in rapid expansion. Product diversification within a logical line is the result of an extremely innovative modern vision of the future.

In the 70’s, the introduction of new technological innovations, as well as fast forging presses and specific equipment for mechanical works were essential for the quality leap, which paved the way for the company to enter foreign markets. Europe immediately showed great appreciation for the high quality and competitive products. At the end of the 70’s, Stamperia Carcano spa was a well-established industrial reality.

The 80’s witnessed an extraordinary growth in terms of turnover. Export increased significantly thanks to the expansion of the range of products and SCG trademark became a quality symbol that the market attributed to the company. During the 90’s Stamperia Carcano spa was one of the most important European market players.

Ever since the beginning, commitment and passion in products manufacturing have been rewarded by the way customers value the high quality, resistance and duration of the “Made in Italy” products.

Our values

Today, Stamperia Carcano spa is a market leader in the production and distribution for ropes and chains accessories thanks to its respect for the company’s policy, which has remained unchanged since the beginning:

- Loyalty to tradition and innovation skills

- Respect and passion for precision.

In the last years, certifications and homologations of products for railway, electricity and telephone lines have increased; this led the Carcano brand enter exclusive high tech market niches in Europe.

Eventually the new brand CARTEC (Carcano-Technology) was established; this brand brought Stamperia Carcano spa into the industrial lifting sector of hooks and accessories for high resistance chains. The CARTEC brand was also the way in to new international markets such as the USA, Japan, China, India and Brazil.

Today Stamperia Carcano spa is a modern and dynamic industrial reality with many operators and a selected supply chain for raw materials with certified quality and high tech manufacturing processes.