STS - Bespoke Handling Equipment

Who we are

STS Bespoke Handling Equipment have been designing and building high-quality equipment for almost 20 years, setting the standard in the manual handling industry. STS began in 1999 with our award-winning drum trolley design. Since then, they have grown by inventing new units to overcome the problems of thier customers, developing an impressive portfolio along the way.

STS are proud to be leading the way as responsible manufacturers of high-quality handling equipment. Using only the best steel from trusted sources, they design, construct and rigorously test all of the units in their UK factory to make sure they allow you to comply with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to find out more about what we can do for you.

Our values

Experts - We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years – as ground-level handlers, designers and engineers. As such, we know the kind of equipment we would want to use, and we know how to make it. Our units are tried, tested and trusted across the world, in industries ranging from nuclear and defence to food and pharmaceuticals. Using our experience, we listen to our customers and provide them with the exact solutions they need

Exceptional - We’re committed to quality. Cheap, poorly-made equipment puts workers at risk of injury, especially when it comes to heavier loads or continued use. We make sure that our units are fully compliant with Manual Handling Regulations, ergonomic and safe to use. We order our steel from trusted sources and fully design, construct and quality control all of our pieces in our UK warehouse. As a result, we’ve earned a reputation for exceptional quality, and units that out-last and out-perform anything else on the market.

Helpful - At STS, we strongly believe that the customer experience goes beyond the sale of a product – we’ll never sell someone a unit that they don’t need. We guide our customers through the purchasing process to ensure they get the right unit for them, offering expert advice so that they can make an informed decision. By offering a sale or return guarantee, our customers can be completely sure that our product meets their requirements before committing to buy. All sold units come with Technical Support and a two-year warranty, and free instructional videos can be found on our website.

Responsible - We believe that all companies have an ethical responsibility to ensure that their products are safe and fit for purpose, especially in an industry such as manual handling. Unlike most distributors, all of our products fully comply with the Manual Handling Regulations, and we also offer ATEX compliant models. We supply to industries such as nuclear and petrochemical, where safety is a key concern. For complete transparency, we’re happy for customers to visit our site and see how we design and build our units from quality raw materials.

Innovative - Since our award-winning drum trolley went on sale, we’ve grown by adapting to problems and providing our customers with solutions. We offer modifications of standard equipment to meet specific needs and design complete bespoke products from scratch. As the industry changes and moves forward, we continue to adapt and incorporate new technology, improving our designs and inventing new and better ways to deal with handling problems.

Our presence around the world