STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG

Who we are

STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG has been founded in 1987 by four engineers of whom three are still active in the company. STS is an expanding global organization with nearly 100 employees working from our headquarters in Switzerland; five subsidiaries, located in Italy, France, Great Britain, China and Germany as well as more than 40 distribution partners, all over the world. Our operations in the United States, Europe, China and Japan provide resources close to our customers. 

STS develops, produces and distributes high-quality piezo-resistive pressure transducers and sensors for niche markets which require customized products with high accuracy, stability and reliability.

These special applications are to find in particular in the market segments of:

- Oil & Gas exploration with a special focus on Subsea applications,

-  Aerospace (satellites and aviation, pressure measurement in tanks, cooling and filter systems),

- Automotive and Aviation test benches,

- Shipbuilding

- Water & Environment

Our values

Swiss quality has been reflected since 1987 in all products and services that leave our company. In this way, we stand for first-class pressure sensors worldwide.

Pressure sensor: piezoresistive cell,
                                           Housing made of steel, titanium, Hastelloy, PTFE
                                           Pressure range 0 ... 50 mbar to 0 ... 1000bar available,
                                           Low pressure range -25mbar ... 25mbar to -1bar ... 70bar available
                                           Reaction time: <1 ms

Quality:                               High accuracy (<0.05%), temperature compensation, long term stability, reliability
                                           Long term stability, SIL2, high MTBF, proven in oil and gas subsea and aerospace applications

Modularity:                         More than 30,000 configurations available in 2-3 weeks delivery time

Customized solutions        STS specializes in niche markets and develops customized solutions for specific applications such as Oil & Gas, aerospace and test                                             benches.

Our presence around the world