Sunus Tech Co., Ltd.

Who we are

The best quality products offer and the most satisfactory after-sales service.

SunUs has always adhered to the spirit of "providing the best quality products and the most satisfactory after-sales service" to serve customers and continuously improve; and "quality assurance and customer satisfaction" has been upheld as the first principle.

ODM design and manufacture of planetary gear reducers, reducer transmission mechanisms, precision transmission components and so on as well as OEM manufacture.

We have been innovating reducers and services continuously, and, according to different customer needs and mechanisms, SunUs provides differentiated product functionality and design to assist all customers in solving problems and achieving goals.

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Our values

Rigorous and perfect quality assurance system based on international ISO standards:

SunUs quality assurance system supervises and controls each machine's quality and stability and uses not only high-standard production equipment and processes but also scientific and technological inspection equipment and instruments in order to maintain the entire procedure, from the beginning of raw materials arriving the plant into a final product until being sold, is regulated by world-recognized international ISO standards. The HG series has been recognized by the Taiwan Excellence Award so that SunUs products can meet world standards, and SunUs customers receive the best quality and service.

Our presence around the world