Supmea Automation

Who we are

Supmea is committed to industrial process automation sensors and instrument since its establishment for decades. The main products are water analysis instrument, recorder, pressure transmitter, flowmeter and other field instrument.

By offering a super qualified products and one-stop-service, Supmea has been worked in industries as widespread as oil & gas, water & wastewater, chemical & petrochemical in more than 100 countries, and will take further efforts to become closer to customers to respond quickly and effectively to their demands.

By 2021, Supmea has a wide quantities of R&D researchers and engineers, more than 250 employees in the total group. With diverse market needs and global customers ,Supmea has established and/or in preparation its office in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India etc.

Supmea is making constant efforts to establish strong partnerships with distributors world widely, integrating itself into the local innovation system and meanwhile contribute to global technological innovations.

Our values

At supmea, we recognize that the company is part of society, so we contribute to social progress in different ways. For example, our products, systems, and services help utilities, industrial production, and infrastructure design evolve to optimize, increase productivity and reduce environmental impact.

Supmea has a direct influence over the many people we come into contact with on a daily basis: our employees, business partners, including suppliers, and the families of our employees. Protecting the health and safety of our employees and partners is a top priority.

Supmea also have both global and local programs to support the further development of society - Supmea has established cooperation with universities around the world to provide quality teaching facilities for universities, and to set up funding programs and scholarships at universities. And we are an internship training base for a number of universities, providing basic automation related knowledge and technical training for university students who are about to engage in the automation industry. Help college students to understand and master the skills necessary for work.

Our core values: Customer centric, Striver oriented which outline our key standards and societal commitments. Such as the Company Code of Conduct, our Ethics, Environment, Social and Human Rights policies, and many internal guidelines, including integrity standards. These help stakeholders to understand what they can expect from Supmea.

At Supmea, there are many exciting positions filled with opportunities. To develop talents, we have different career development paths.

We look forward to automation talents from various countries to be part of our team.


· Local office manager

· Sales engineer

· Service engineer

How to Apply:

If you are interested in joining us, please send your resume to: or