Swan Analytical Instruments

Who we are

Since 1991, Swan has been developing and manufacturing high quality online analytical instruments that are entirely dedicated to continuous water monitoring. Innovation and quality, customer focus and the relentless pursuit of optimization are more than just a slogan for Swan.

While our analyzers are produced exclusively in Switzerland, our sales and service teams are located as close to the customer as possible. Direct interaction between Swan and the operators of our products enables the best possible sales advice and continuous product optimization according to customer feedback.

Not only does Swan Analytical Instruments offer reliable easy to use online instruments, our subsidiary, Swan Systems, is the system integrator within the Swan group. Swan Systems supplies turn-key water steam sampling, analysis systems and related services to EPC contractors and operators of power plants all over the world. Our solutions are custom-tailored, comprehensive systems that consider the specific in situ requirements.

    Applications :

    Feedwater Steam and Condensate | Cooling Water | High Purity Water | Potable Water | Pharmaceutical Water | Pool & Sanitary | Wastewater and Effluents | Surface Water | Process Water | Demin Water Production | Oil & Gas

    Parameters :

    Alkalinity | Aluminium | Ammonium | Chlorine / Ozone / ClO2 | COD | Color | Conductivity and Resistivity | Fluoride | Hardness (Total) | Hydrazine / Carbohydrazide | Hydrogen | Iron | Manganese | Nitrate | Oxygen (dissolved) | pH| Phenol | Phosphate | Redox (ORP) | Silica | Sodium | Total Organic Carbon (TOC) | Turbidity | Organics/SAC 254 |

    Our values

    Made in Switzerland is a decisive factor in the quality guaranteed by Swan Analytical instruments.

    Every component is developed, manufactured and assembled at our headquarters in Switzerland. Rigorous quality controls and tests under real conditions ensure that the strict criteria and standards of the Swiss Made label are met.

    Each and every instrument is assembled and tested by our long-serving, highly trained employees. Their craftsmanship is reflected in the accuracy of our instruments. After the instruments are assembled they are tested on our in-house wet-bench, which is equipped with high purity water, raw water and water with chlorine. A subsequent factory calibration is the final step in the production process.

    Careful choice of materials and components, collaboration with top-notch sub-suppliers and continuous investment in modern production facilities allow us to ensure that Swan products are durable and reliable.

    Finding the balance between manufacturing high-end products and keeping them affordable is a challenge – one that Swan has successfully mastered.

    Our presence around the world