Who we are

SYSTEM SQUARE Inc. provides "Foreign object detection system"

We are a manufacturer of "Inspection system" with our original development know-how.

Since 1989, from Japan, System Square has enhanced its capability to meet clients' needs.

Every step we had got, they brought another progress which is unable us to provide a new solution to customers.

Our main target, Food, Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Cloth industries are always facing the risk of a contamination.

Once a contaminant occurs, it possibly brings a tragic situation to human.

Besides, reputation can be attacked through various networks.

To recall, recollect and handle this matter, a large amount of money would be required.

That is why we are standing here to be a help to our clients.

We develop original inspection systems which proud of the world's top-level accuracy and deliver safety and security to the world.

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Our values

We will provide people with safety and sacurity through our unique detection technologies.


Deliver good products and services with speed.


Continue making world-class, high-quality products.


Behave appropriately at all times as judged by our customers.


Act proactively and take on challenges without fear of change.


Help customers solve their problems to become a reliable partner to them.


Never give up, never be impatient, and work earnestly to make accomplishments.