Who we are

TAILOR PIXELS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., a TFT LCD factory and supplier, was established in 2006 in Shenzhen, China, the central city of the mature electronic supply chain.

We always insist on product quality and timely delivery to customers.

● Main LCD size: small and medium, from 0.96-inch to 30-inch.

● 5 main product lines: LCD module, backlight, resistive and capacitive touchscreen, and display driver board.

● 3 workshops with 5000M², the entire facility is air-conditioned and controlled in ESD safety cleanrooms.

● ISO certificated manufacturing plant: 9001: 282Q19070712006; 14001: 282E19070712007.

Over 15 years of experience and R&D in the business, we understand the importance of communication and result to our partners, we have

● Project team to manage the timeline of each project and deliver the result as promise.

● Engineering team to fully evaluate the product solution, from idea, and prototype to trial before mass production.

The need of digital revolution and automation, our team has been working with customers from various industries to bring ideas to solutions.

● International market accounts for 40% of the total output, exported to the US, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and other countries.

● Industries cover industrial instruments, transportation, medical, smart devices, and other industries.

Tell us your requirement and application, we will work on your expectation:

email: tailor@tailorpixles.com


Our values

We strive to provide more value-added features to our customers beyond the product supply, and support them to achieve their business goals in demand, efficiency, and price. And we understand that mutually beneficial partnerships are a must to achieve larger goals.

● On-Demand Revolution

Nowadays, the needs of various industries in the world continue to increase with the digital revolution, Tailor Pixels is well aware of the need to connect with a wide range of audiences. Our standard lines cover small and medium-sized displays (range 0.96-30 inches) with various features, which we keep in a safety inventory for efficient delivery and low MOQ to create an experience that exceeds customer expectations.

● Customization Service

Tailor Pixels has excellent customization ability to meet the different needs of customers. Except for the standard products, we have in-house engineering teams to offer custom LCD development, which accounts for 60% of total projects. We strive to develop products that best suit the different needs and various scenarios of operation of our customers, and look forward to pioneering many more in the future.

● Greater Possible Flexibility

Today's technology industry requires flexible and integrated solutions. In addition to our own development team, we set up a project team to support customers on product development management and finding the solution by integrating the resources in the mature electronic supply chain around us.

● Variety of Options

TFT LCD is the most widely used and superior function product in the market. It occupies an absolute advantage in the application and R&D of some technologies such as high brightness, ultra-high resolution, and touch integration. In Tailor Pixels, there are various custom options for the features of TFT modules: backlight, FPC, image resolution, display active area, power consumption; add-on mounting bracket, touch screen, cover glass, and controller board with different interfaces.

Looking into the future, in addition to providing customers with the above services, Tailor Pixels will always implement the corporate philosophy of "Providing more value-added features to our customers", and insist on technology changing life.