Who we are

TECHNAX is your partner to give you the best solution to your welding problems. We are specialized in the following assembling processes :

Resistance welding,
Resistance brazing,
Induction brazing,
Ultrasonic and laser welding.
Resistance compacting

These technologies are integrated in a whole range of

Manual machines
Half-automatic machines
Automatic machines

as in assembling lines.

Standard products are also available, like pneumatic and numerical welding heads (spot, butt and seam welding), and many welding accessories (controllers, transformers, quality checking devices, handling devices, etc).

All our products and machines are entirely designed and manufactured by ourselves.
Quality and Reliability are our key words.

Our values

Through our analysis laboratory, we are able to evaluate our welding to check the adequacy with the requirement of your products.

We are always in the forefront of the technology and use the best components available on the market.

TECHNAX machines meet high reliability objectives and help you to decrease your maintenance costs.