Tellure Rôta

Who we are

Tellure Rôta has been designing and manufacturing wheels and castors for industrial, civil and domestic applications since 1953.
The company currently serves over 2000 customers in more than 70 countries, thanks to the professionalism of its 170 employees, who work in the company's 15,000 m2 manufacturing facilities in Formigine in the north Italian province of Modena.

The Tellure Rôta catalogue contains an extensive range of products designed to meet the most common handling requirements in the industrial, institutional and furniture sectors.

In addition to the catalogue range, the Tellure Rôta Technical Department and "TR Lab" testing & research facility work alongside customers to develop customized solutions in terms of materials, dimensions, and construction solutions to create a seamless fit with specific requirements.

Since 2000, Tellure Rôta has also been operating in Latin America through its subsidiary Tellure Rôta do Brasil.

Our values

We strive to improve, always

That's how Tellure Rôta's founder and honorary president sums up the corporate mission.

The search for cutting edge solutions is a long-standing hallmark of the company's operations, working day by day towards continual improvement of products, process and customer service.

Consistently high quality, the drive to develop innovative solutions and attention devoted to the people working in the organisation and the surrounding environment are the core values guiding Tellure Rôta's daily operations.