THB Bearings

Who we are


To support each client in achieving success


To become a global influencer of transmission technology development

Who is THB

A specialized solutions provider of bearing technology, THB Bearings Co.Ltd (Shanghai) is an industrial technical services company that offers customers a simple and convenient source for bearing components, technical services and solutions. With a head office located in China (Shanghai) along with established warehouses and service centers in the Netherlands and Germany, THB services the global marketplace. To date, as one of the industrial bearing manufacturers, THB has already officially registered the RORKS brand in mainland China.

“To solve problems for our customers, and to create value for them” is the core philosophy that we adhere to. Underpinned by a wealth of experience in the field of bearing components, combined with the core requirements of our clients, we provide customers with a range of technical services:

* Design consulting services

Application analysis

Product model selection

Application of special technology

for bearing products

Personalized product/bearing unit

design and production

Optimized design and verification

* State Analysis

Failure and fault analysis

Performance testing

Lubrication analysis and management

Our values

THB insists on customers first.

By combining actual customer requirements with our rich practical experience in the industry, and through a professional technical engineering team, we provide you with the right solutions. Concurrently, through the constant improvement of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales service, we continuously improve our ability to solve problems for our customers.

THB insists on leading technology.

We offer solutions through service life calculation, finite element analysis (FEA), and other similar technology, which increases the operational efficiency of equipment and improves productivity.

THB insists on being quality-centric.

We strictly adhere to quality systems requirements. Having undergone ISO 9001 Certification through TÜV Rheinland (Germany), and by means of the continuous elevation of internal management capabilities, THB has experienced healthy growth with the aid of consistent internal improvements, through which we provide you with superior products and services.

THB insists on its service mission.

THB already serving over 200 customers in over 40 countries throughout many industries, e.g., production automation, smart logistics and warehousing, new energy, food and beverage, medical equipment, and more. In order to better provide localized services for customers, we have established warehouses and service centers in Europe.

Our presence around the world