Who we are

Your technological partner specialized in the improvement of the productive processes related to the handling (depalletizing, unscrambling and cleaning) of empty bottles. Traktech was founded in 2010 by a team of engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the packaging sector, to fill a gap in the market of ionized air rinsers. We manufacture depalletizers, positioners, rinsers, conveyors and turnkey projects for sectors such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages, etc. that cover all types of packaging (PET bottle, glass, jars, cans, PET preforms, ...). Our human team is composed by more than 20 people specialized in the different areas of the company and focused on exceeding the expectations of our clients. Traktech has 1,300 m2 of facilities with the most modern manufacturing and assembly systems.

Our values

Values such as transparency, sustainability, social cohesion and competitiveness make Traktech a recognized company in both national and foreign markets having installed equipment in countries as diverse as USA, Mexico, France, UK, E.A.U, India, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Our presence around the world