Who we are

TreeD Filaments is a department born from the plastic extrusion experience of SA2P Xtrusionplastics.

We wanted to gather a professional team to establish new application field in 3d Printing, in particular focusing on more technical and functional polymers. We therefore designed filaments for architecture, industrial design and arts.

Our philosophy is to produce the highest possible quality in filaments, from the first centimeters of the reel to the last, making sure that the results are certain in every condition.

We especially design every formulation and combine it with certified polymers, to guarantee the uncompromising repeatability.

Our values

Our commitment doesn’t stick to filaments, though. We care about everything happens before and after production: we give special attention to the things we consume, such as energy, water, materials and time.

We choose recycled cardboard as the most important element of our packagings because it is eco-friendly. Although a cardboard reel takes double the time than a plastic one to roll, we think that our future depends from this choices too. With these few adaptation both the box and the reel are 100% recyclable.

We strive for environmental respect, and we look for it in our supplier too. The raw materials we use, in fact, come from eco-friendly producers.