Trotec Laser GmbH

Who we are

Trotec Laser produces and distributes laser engravers, marking lasers and laser cutters all over the world. Trotec laser machines are used to engrave, mark and cut a wide range of materials such as metal, paper, plastic, textiles etc.

Trotec employs more than 450 employees worldwide at the following locations:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, Russia and Japan
In addition Trotec laser machines are sold by distribution partners in 40 other countries worldwide.

Trotec is headquartered in Marchtrenk/Austria. Trotec was established in 1995 in Austria and is part of the Trodat Trotec Group.

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Our values

In addition to our state-of-the art CO2 and fiber laser machines, we offer our customers comprehensive services, such as technical advice, material tests and technical support by top qualified service technicians.