UNTHA shredding technology

Who we are

Welcome to the world of reliable shredding technology!

We have been a reliable and expert partner in the shredding industry for more than
50 years. Based on the latest technologies and with the help of our highly qualified
staff, we develop and produce innovative and tailored shredding solutions for
all applications. Our every thought and action revolve around our customers and
markets. We provide outstanding products and services of the highest quality and
reliability and are therefore able to strengthen our customers‘ market position.

For us, reliability, credibility and a sound approach to business in both practice
and theory are the central values that make our success in international markets
possible. These values increase our competitiveness and help us to focus on our
core competences and on the ongoing improvement of our business processes. The
prerequisites for our success are innovative strength, problem-solving skills and our
distinctive quality thinking.

Our values

Our vision

When it comes to shredding technology, we are the quality leader in all the markets we serve! We clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors through the extraordinarily high reliability of our products and services, which enables us to generate economic benefits for our customers. Our shredding solutions also help save valuable raw material resources, promote material reuse and recycling, and and facilitate profitable energy from waste recovery. We are therefore making a valuable contribution to sustainable environmental protection.

Our mission

True for more than 40 years, UNTHA is the most reliable brand in shredding technology! This promise will continue long into the future – we do not abandon our customers and we make no compromises with respect to reliability. The usual rule is: Once UNTHA, always UNTHA. Our customers worldwide remain loyal to the UNTHA brand and recommend us to others.

Our presence around the world