UTICOR Automation GmbH

Who we are

UTICOR AUTOMATION GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of AVG Automation, an international manufacturer of automation components. The headquarters of the company, which also runs its own PCB production lines, is located in Chicago.

For the main markets USA, Europe, India, China and Australia, the components are produced in our own facilities in the USA. This includes PLC systems as well as operator panels, large industrial displays and other components.

The Productive Units (panel PCs, monitors and similar devices) in focus are custom-made in Germany. Here is also our European headquarters, which coordinates all sales and marketing activities for the region. In addition to our own direct sales and support, selected distribution partners and solution providers provide sales and services for national and international customers.

All UTICOR systems achieve a high level of quality and are therefore welcome in many companies. And more than that: With us you develop your applications quickly and long-lasting. Because we offer customer-specific solutions with solid components for rough industrial environments. Created from batch size 1 - accomplished together with our partners or directly from us. We call that

Customized Automation.

Our values

The Name Tells The Story

UTICOR is not just any name for any business. Rather, it stands as an acronym for those aspects to which we attach great importance in-house:

Uniqueness – This is how we describe the character of our products and internal processes, which all have one goal: to offer our customers a measurable efficiency advantage. This begins with the adaptation of the products to the specific requirements, continues with a simple, easy-to-understand operating philosophy and doesn't end with an after-sales service that supports you also then with help and advice.

Trust – We are on the market to do successful business. But not at any price. Because we know, that in the long run this will only be possible through responsible conduct. And since we take this maxim very seriously, we are constantly developing our customers' trust again and again - a little more every day.

Innovation – We will only be as successful as our customers are. As a result, we continue to develop our products and processes in order to continuously maintain or even improve the efficiency edge for our customers.

COR – These three terms represent the CORe values of the company UTICOR. They are reflected in our products, our processes and services as well as in the handling and performance of each and every one of our employees. In the event that, for any reason, this should not be the case, please contact us actively. Because:

We Try Harder!