Utility Electrical Co., Ltd.

Who we are

UTILITY Electrical Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, which is specialized in the production of the wiring terminal industry, distributors, cable gland, LED indicators & push buttons; is that the industry is strong in technology, growing rapidly, very large-scale enterprises. Since its establishment, the community's concern and support, through the joint efforts of all my colleagues, more than two decades UTILITY has made remarkable achievements, from sales to the corporate image have been recognized by customers and industry peers and achieved gratifying brand.

The company has consistently adhered to the "people-oriented, market-oriented" business philosophy, product standards, UTILITY painstaking research of the IEC, UL, CSA, GB, CE, CCC and other international and domestic standards for terminals, and in accordance with these standards preparing their own more stringent corporate standards, from the development, mold design, raw material procurement, production, plastic parts molding products, metal parts, to finished product assembly and quality testing, packaging, shipping, etc., each link are ‘Checking at all levels’ accordance with the appropriate standards by the professional staff to produce marketable, used worldwide industrial automation products as their responsibility to actively follow the introduction, learn technology, science and technology innovation internationally famous brand products, forge ahead.

The company produced dozens of series, thousands of specifications of products for our customers to provide a rich selection of product protection. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the vast majority of products through the UL, CSA, CCC, CCS, CE certification, some products through the VDE certification, all products comply with Ro environmental requirements. Which JUT1 series, JUT2 series, JUT3 series, JUT4 series terminals, has reached the international advanced level of similar products; some products have been designated national electricity sector, the transformation of towns and recommendations for the national grid of choice.

Products are mainly exported to France, Russia, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as an export-oriented (export 65%) of private-owned enterprises, UTILITY exposure to the international market, the market directly feel the breath, listening to our customers face to face demand and improve product design, production, operation and management of the technical content of the course, the whole process for production operations implemented scientific management. In recent years, "UTILITY" reputation throughout the north and south, "UTILITY" philosophy on its head, won the hearts, "UTILITY" service drew our customers appreciated. "Takeoff UTILITY, proud UTILITY man", who is the UTILITY with advanced management, strong technical strength, perfect process technology, first-class testing equipment and excellent mold processing technology to produce the premise of higher quality products, with excellent sales team, well sales network and professional services, open up the market to win a new chapter today.

Our values

Enterprise slogan: Green Science and technology in the future

Green shows the world's true colors, science and technology promote world progress. We uphold the spirit of environmental protection, with action to create a green future, yellow and white with the power to summon strong unyielding energy, with the heart to inspire eternal hope new and green company, to build a green future.

Moral concept: dedication, cooperation and dedication

Love is the fundamental enterprise dedicated staff occupation morality, only dedication, love of business, in order to make a difference in the post, to become the enterprise need talent; the company every employee is a member of the enterprise team, employees must be loyal to the enterprise, establish a collective sense of honour and team concept, to the enterprise responsible attitude, trust each other, with other employees of unity and cooperation, promote the continuous development of enterprise; dedication is an outstanding character UTL for generations of employees.

Twenty years ago, because of their hard work and dedication, only now utl.

Talent concept: people-oriented and common development

UTL the talent as the first element of the enterprise, respect and care for each employee, give full play to the initiative and creativity of employees and provide a vast space in the production operation and management of enterprises to realize the value of individual employees and long-term development. The company through the establishment of incentive mechanism and constraint mechanism and improve the efficiency of the implementation of human resources strategy, each to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, adhere to the "competent personnel is in the use of talents, talents competition, performance measure talent", do "people, man, man, man, make all kinds of talents to create a talent shows itself. The value for the enterprise.