Who we are


UWT GmbH in Betzigau is the expert in level measurement technology and a reliable, world leading solution provider for the safe and accurate detection of levels and limit values in silos and material processing across a wide variety of industries. Whether for bulk goods, liquids, pastes or foams - UWT, with their product lines is synonymous with the perfect measurement technology solution for almost every application.

The UWT products are well known under the names:

Rotonivo® - Rotary paddle switch incl. SIL2 version
Vibranivo® - Vibrating fork
Mononivo® - Vibrating rod probe
RFnivo® - Capacitive level switch also with anti-corrosive Teflon® coating for flue gas cleaning
Capanivo® / NivoCapa® - Capacitive level switches
NivoBob® - Electro-mechanical Plumb Bob as well for Interface
NivoRadar® - Radar sensors
NivoGuide® - TDR guided radar
NivoTec® - Level monitoring and visualisation

With production sites in Betzigau and in Malta, as well as further locations in the USA, Great Britain, China, India, Brazil and Mexico, more than a million applications have now been put into practice.

UWT stands for level measurement at the highest level worldwide.

The whole enterprise is based on the three strong pillars of technology, performance and partnership together with collaboration at eye level - with customers, suppliers, partners and close to 200 employees.

We have carved out an outstanding and strategic position in the market within the area of limit levels for bulk solids, and set new standards with the rotary paddle switch.

In addition, we offer end-to-end digitisation: from the latest E-tools, which enable quick and easy product selection, configuration and commissioning, through easy and intuitive operation to innovative device communication, all of which ensure smooth operation.

The high quality and reliability of the UWT products, the robust design, the easy handling and the longevity of the sensors ensure low downtimes, high levels of system availability and thus a high degree of operational security. All made in Germany.

The range of products and services has been continuously developed and now also includes monitoring and visualisation systems as well as complete system configuration. Further proof of how unswervingly UWT GmbH is geared towards growth.

As an owner-managed, German, medium-sized company, UWT is ideally positioned with an international sales network in over 90 countries with personal contacts on site, available locally.

Open and honest communication with customers and partners alike characterise UWT together with its loyal and satisfied employees.

The notable great team spirit ensures that UWT feels like one big family – and that’s what counts.

Our values

In literature one speaks of philosophy as the interpretation and understanding of the world and of human existence.

The world of UWT is characterised by social awareness, superior product quality and economic sustainability.

Responsibility to employees and the social environment is taken very seriously. Mutual appreciation in daily interaction and a trusting relationship with partners and customers play an important part of our corporate culture.

Our products are characterised by ingenious simplicity, longevity and process safety. From day one, we have made development, production and distribution of our devices top priority. Decades of experience have been applied to the continual development of our devices.

Sustainability is realised through long-term business planning. Through the formulation of our Vision, our Mission Statement and our Values, we have determined a clear direction for our future strategy. During the 7 Year Plan, our goals and ideas are identified for the next planning period.

This plan is reviewed each year according to the current market and economic conditions. This annual target planning can be then broken down further by quarter, month, week or even day by day. As a consquence, we can ensure that every decision supports our long-term goals.
Thus continual and responsible growth is guaranteed.

Our presence around the world