Varlet Machines

Who we are

Founded in 1933, Varlet Machines is a French company based in Boulogne-sur-Mer, which designs, manufactures and sells machines for processing fish, meat and poultry. With an experience of more than 80 years and the will to answer the more and more demanding expectations of the market, the company is today the first French manufacturer of machines in this field.

+ Innovation, quality and robustness

We design innovative machines by meticulously selecting each of their components and materials in order to meet the specific needs of the actors of the food industry, whether they are traders, craftsmen or industrials. We help all our customers to improve their processes by guaranteeing them quality machines with an unequalled longevity.

+ Worldwide presence

The Varlet team produces more than 200 machines each year at its Boulogne-sur-Mer site, more than 50% of which are intended for export. The company is present in more than 30 countries around the world and relies on a large network of trusted partners, distributors and agents.

Our values

+ Innovation

Our design office ensures the proper development of manufacturing processes for each of our machines in order to offer innovative and efficient solutions that meet our customers' expectations.

+ International dimension

While preserving its historical roots in Boulogne-sur-Mer in order to be as close as possible to the expectations of fishermen, Varlet Machines has developed to serve its customers throughout the world.

+ Quality

We design our machines and develop their manufacturing process to ensure excellent quality for our products. Our machines are also tested on the production site, which allows us to have an extremely low return rate and a life span recognized by the market.

+ Customer service

Customer satisfaction is a priority at Varlet. We exchange with our customers to bring them the most adapted solution, we also bring them a personalized technical support so that they can optimize the use of their Varlet machine.

+ Performance

Performance is at the heart of Varlet's strategy. We strive for continuous improvement of our processes to provide reliable and high-performance products.