Who we are

Vibsens is a leading manufacturer in the field of vibration protection and condition monitoring systems.

It has developed a comprehensive range of products and solutions to help global costumers solve vibration protection and condition monitoring challenges. Vibsens product range includes rack panel and rail-based mounting ready to install industrial products, as well as machinery condition monitoring software and hardware that enable robust asset reliability management and improved efficiency for customer operations. Our products are all backed by expert technical support. Our highly practical solutions have made us one of the best choices of engineers and designers.

Main customers of our products are oil and gas refineries, petrochemical plants, metal mining, cement factories, power plants (gas, steam, hydro & wind), part manufacturers and laboratories. Our main production facility is located in Izmir, Turkey and we have sales offices in other countries.

Our values

Our values at Vibsens are:


We strongly believe that our software & hardware products should be developed in a way that our customers find our products as the most convenient product available on the global market in vibration measurement field.

Cost efficiency:

We believe one of the main draw backs in the application of vibration measurement & protection systems in industry has always been high price of them and thus we at Vibsens have always tried to find ways to decrease price of our products while preserving quality & reliability.

Customer Support:

We have always tried to be accessible and available to our customers so that they have our response and help in the minimum amount of time.