VLS Technologies

Who we are



With 25 years of experience in the world of technology for the winemaking process,Giovanni Velo founded Velo Acciai S.r.l.


Velo Acciai S.r.l. introduced the production of filter housing and microfiltration plants for liquid processing.

Anni '90

The company started his commercial expansion abroad, both in Europe and in countries outside Europe.


The second generation, represented by Jacopo and Tommaso Velo, joins the company.


Following the success of the technological solutions proposed, Velo Acciai S.r.l. supports major investments in technology and personnel, which is doubled in all divisions: production, technical and commercial.


With the new brand VLS Technologies, Velo Acciai S.r.l. wants to represent the Italian innovation in the field of solutions for liquid treatment, introducing in the market a new patent and two new product ranges.

Our values

Process consultancy

An in-depth knowledge of the processes for liquid treatment is a key requirement in order to offer expert advice in the field. Even if it’s just about a single machinery that is going to be part of a more complex system. VLS Technologies' consultancy starts at the very beginning and helps the customer to understand the best processing solution for their specific needs.

Design and development

In addition to the initial consultancy, design is custom tailored by VLS Technologies according to the customers' needs. In the liquid filtration sector, VLS Tech. not only provides standard technologies, but also custom solutions created to address customers' specific needs. It is our belief that an excellent product can only come from a unique process system.

After-sale support

Regardless of the sector, one of the most challenging aspects when working with a supplier is the post-sales support. VLS Tech guarantees timely, accurate and satisfactory post-sale assistance. VLS's technologies are designed and developed in-house, thus giving us the knowledge to troubleshoot any issue that may arise.

Spare parts management

Spare parts management is done entirely in-house. We stock products that are currently in the catalog, as well as parts for all past technologies. Therefore, VLS Tech is the contact point for all who look for assistance and spare parts both for new machinery and for machinery that was bought 10-20 years ago. Being able to provide assistance and spare parts is peace of mind for our customers.