von Oertzen GmbH

Who we are

OERTZEN - Professional solutions for industry and commerce

Put your confidence in 60 years of high quality, too!

Where efficiency of standard units comes to a limit, OERTZEN continues. OERTZEN offers a complete range of high pressure cleaners and cleaning systems for industry and commerce. For decades already the biggest German companies are counted among customers of OERTZEN and will continue to appreciate power, quality and service.

Lots of various applications

Original accessories: Each of OERTZEN units is adaptable to lots of various applications by means of a wide range of accessories. This makes basic unit flexible and leaves opportunities open. Be it de-barking with high pressure water, removal of oil tracks or cleaning refrigerating containers.

Our values

- use of high quality materials

- outstanding efficiency

- long-term loading up to 24 hours a day

In Germany OERTZEN guarantees maximum customer care and expert advice by its own sales and service organisation.

In Europe and on all continents of the world our export partners ensure professional guidance for our demanding customers as well, giving confidence in always taking the right option with OERTZEN.