Waterjet Corporation s.r.l.

Who we are

Waterjet Corporation was set up in 1991 and operates as a manufacturer of NC machine tools for high-pressure waterjet cutting and hydrofinishing of stone, composites, glass, steel, alloys and other materials. Waterjet solutions stand out for their innovative approach, cutting accuracy, reliability and strong customisation at the customer’s request.
Engineering, production and R&D are carried out in-house by highly qualified personnel. Sales are handled by a widespread sales network of exclusive distributors and foreign branches in the US and the Middle East. An international network that guarantees quality, fast and efficient after-sales support.
Waterjet guarantees “THE BEST WATERJET CUTTING PERFORMANCE” complying to the highest environment protection and energy saving.

Our values

Since 2015, the company’s Research and Development department has been working on the ambitious project of developing its own innovative waterjet pressure intensification systems with the aim of revolutionising waterjet technology for a more efficient, performing and increasingly ecological future.

The development of new hybrid and all electric pumps is an important step towards an increasingly sustainable world.

Waterjet wants to be part of the change beacuse we believe that the protection of the enviroment around us is the fundamental issue of this new era.

Our presence around the world