Weber Ultrasonics

Who we are

The Weber Ultrasonics Group is a leading international technological company in the field of ultrasound. The Group's core competence is the development, production and marketing of innovative ultrasonic components and systems for various applications in numerous industries. The Group is represented by five subsidiaries in over 50 countries worldwide.

The three business segments of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic welding/cutting and environmental technology are all combined under the umbrella of the Weber Ultrasonics Group. Each business segment is represented by a subsidiary here. The fourth subsidiary, Weber Ultrasonics America, produces and markets the Group's ultrasonic solutions throughout the entire American continent.

In July 2013 the Weber Ultrasonics Group founded its fifth subsidiary, Weber Ultrasonics Asia. The new subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur is Weber Ultrasonics' logical answer to the growing popularity of its ultrasonic generators and transducer systems for industrial component cleaning on the Asian market. With the expansion of its geographical presence, the Weber Ultrasonics Group is taking a decisive step in driving its international growth strategy.

Our values

Our vision is to be the worldwide technological leader for innovative ultrasonic solutions. This requires well-trained employees who identify with our company goals and are willing to implement our vision with exceptional commitment and motivation.

We seek out people with the drive to succeed and who are looking for personal development opportunities and recognition - people who are willing to constantly learn new things and always strive to improve themselves.

We offer an extensive range of development opportunities, ensuring that all employees can maximise their own individual potential and skills as effectively as possible.

We use cultural diversity in our company as a source for new and creative thinking and actively promote this potential, since our innovative power provides a key competitive advantage in offering our customers added value.

Our presence around the world