Wenzhou ChuHan Technology Co., Ltd

Who we are

CHUHAN, a professional high-tech manufacturer engaged in researching, manufacturing, and marketing of AC/DC power supplies , DC/AC inverters, battery chargers, adapter, Aluminum case treating, high-frequency transformer and power electronics for industrial control.

With the will of “to be excellent”, Our team focus on technology innovation, With many years conformity and improvement, we have formed a development pattern of technique, researching, and sales integration, which is good property foundation to speed up further strategical development.

We bring together major experts in this industry, and cooperate with university of electronics technology, and completely production lines, test laboratory, and research team, CHUHAN has undertaken many customer made products for their projects.

We make sure of new design, strong quality, great production capacity to pursue perfect service to our customers. With many products safety standards certificates, we have access to customers aboard, and also good reputation in domestic.

Our values

Our Values

Fair, Faith, Love, Joy, Strict, Keeping going ahead

Our R&D

The company own its  technology research and development as the core advantages of enterprise development, R & D experts have 30 years of development experiences; has its own core patented technology, the company has always been in domestic , and even the world's leading position. Over the past 10 years, has accumulated a wealth of experiences, as well as advanced management philosophy, so that our products continue to strive for excellence, to build customer’s trusted products, and dedicate to provide satisfactory service.

Our presence around the world