Who we are

WITT-Gasetechnik is a manufacturer of gas-related equipment that meets the highest quality requirements.

Facts & Figures
Founded in 1945
Family business in 3rd generation
Approx. 200 employees
Located in Witten, Germany
Global network of subsidiaries and partners
Customers in more than 80 countries
Products 'Made in Germany'
Comprehensive quality management

Today, WITT offers a complete range of gas safety and control equipment. These products include gas mixers, gas analysers and metering systems, as well as package leak detection systems. With this wide array of products, WITT has developed from a two man business to a world market leader.

The WITT headquarters are in Witten, Germany. Still a family-owned business, WITT, through its subsidiary companies and partners, now operates worldwide. The requirements and demands of our customers central to our activities. We are flexible, fast-reacting and strive to offer the best possible service.

Our values

Founded 1945
Approx. 200 employees
Global network of subsidiaries and partners
Comprehensive quality management system
Production in Germany
Highest quality and precision
Certified to ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ATEX and PED
Regular tests by BAM, UL, TÜV

Our presence around the world