Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd

Who we are

GOLDEN LASER (stock number: 300220), is core member of Golden Laser Digital Technology Innovative Applications Ecosystem (High quality machines&equipments platform).

GOLDEN LASER focus on the application in metal laser application industry, after more than 20 years of deep hard working,we have become the top laser equipment brand with the highest market share, with the most complete product applications and strongest international influence in laser industry of China. We have established sales and services network in more than 100 countries and regions, with more than 100 patents, software copyrights, a number of industry-leading technologies and solutions.

GOLDEN LASER integrated with development,produce,sale,service and system,high-tech enterprise is specialized in fiber laser cutting machine, professional metal pipe laser cutting machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine, 3D robotic arm laser cutting and welding machine into a group.

Our values

We offer our customers machines and automation solutions tailored precisely to their requirements, together with consulting, financing and many more services, enabling them to manufacture their products economically, reliably and in high quality. With our software solutions we support them in all sheet metal processing tasks, from design to complete production control.

We Also have the much powerful technical team and good after-sales service.Our fiber laser cutting machine can be applied in sheet metal, fitness equipment, lighting lamps, sports equipment, metal furniture, medical device, steel structure, agricultural machinery, door crafts, tube processing and automotive industry etc.

Our presence around the world