Who we are

The company WYLER AG, situated in Winterthur, Switzerland, can look back on 90 years of tradition in the field of inclination measurement. Based on the application of latest technologies and the continious development of new products, the company WYLER AG is internationally recogonized as one of the leading manufacturers of inclination measuring instruments and systems. Worldwide, WYLER products, from the traditional precision spirit level to the complex electronic measuring system, are used successfully.

Our values


Customer satisfaction is our highest concern. We want to ensure that our products and services comply with our customer’s expectations.

We are striving for becoming competent and reliable partners for our customers allowing us to achieve highest possible customer benefit.

Our products and services are therefore clearly oriented towards individual customer expectations and requirements.

We ensure that our statements regarding quality and specifications of our products are correct. Promises to customers are taken as commitments.

For our worldwide distribution the emphasis is put on supporting and promoting our distribution network as key partners. We want to involve these organisations for key strategic decisions.


We wish to be seen by our suppliers as a partner. The business relationship with our suppliers is based on a fair and balanced partnership.

Statement regarding „Conflict Minerals“ (Dodd-Frank Act section 1502): WYLER agrees that human rights violations and environmental damage in the region of the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries should be avoided. For this reason WYLER AG supports the delivery chain initiative "Conflict Minerals" (Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 1502). As a manufacturer of electronic inclinometers, we are committed to purchase all our purchasing parts with conflict-free materia ls. We encourage our suppliers, therefore, to provide the relevant evidence. The structure of these due diligence measures for conflict-free procurement is in process.


We commit ourselves to a fair competition and to respecting all valid laws and the rights for individuals as well as for the society at large.

The prime target for our company is not growth, but the quality of our products and services.

We commit ourselves to reach our economical targets by carefully making use of natural resources.

Special care is taken for not wasting material and energy. Decreasing the waste of material is a continuous process using new technologies. Unrecyclable waste has to be taken care off without harming the ecology.

We provide our employees equal chances independently of their sex, age, religion or nationality.

We do not publicly criticize our competitors and respect them in all aspect. We sell our products based on their quality.

Where economically justifiable machines are continuously adapted to latest technology.


Our highly motivated employees ensure the company’s success through their professionalism and excellency.

We endeavour to be an attractive employer by providing good working conditions and a personal contact where the single employee feels highly appreciated.

We highly value the know-how and competence of our employee and enable this through constant and specific further training.

We expect from our employees a high level of personal responsibility, loyalty and willingness to work in interdisciplinary project teams.


The company’s success is measured by the yearly economic business result. With this success the company’s long-term goals regarding quality and quantity will be secured.

It is our prime target to show responsibility towards the owners, employees, customers, suppliers and the society at large by ensuring the long-term economical success of the company. This success is based on strategic and operative development, continuous improvement as well as growth.

Further strengthening of our position as market leader in the field of measuring instruments and systems.

Prime location for the production is Switzerland