Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd

Who we are

Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd (CHAENG) is founded in 1958, and after 60-year development and accumulation, it possesses rich and advanced manufacturing experience in large grinding equipment, and it has formed a manufacturing, operating and management system including design and development, equipment manufacturing, market promotion, equipment installation and after-sales service.

The company can provide clients with 8 services including raw material test, project design, equipment manufacturing, installation, debugging, technical training, reaching the standard and reaching the capacity and EPC service. The company has many advanced technologies, rich operational experience and the ability to quickly analyze, judge and solve the problems when the problems occur.

CHAENG has the fast delivery speed in China, and the delivery of the whole production line only needs 6-8 months; own the slag powder demonstration and training base with 600,000 t annual production in the industry and the research and development center of industrial residue (slag, steel slag, nickel slag etc.); have the large casting base in northern Henan (main plant area is 25,000 m2, and the annual output is 50,000 t and the piece weight of the product can reach 150 t), which guarantees the product quality and the date of delivery.

By technical innovation, CHAENG keeps expanding product models, especially in the development of vertical mill. The slag vertical mill model keeps improving. For example, there are GRMS33.31 and GRMS33.21 of slag mill for the annual production capacity of 300,000tons; GRMS34.21 and GRMS34.31 for the annual production capacity of 400,000tons; and for the annual output of 600,000 tons, there are three models, such as GRMS46.41, GRMS43.21 and GRMS43.31. The product matrix keeps expanded, which has not only achieved remarkable economic benefits, but also won high recognition and praise from the market.

Until now, the company has successfully established more than 100 cement, slag/steel slag/nickle slag powder, active lime EPC production lines.

The completion of every accessory contains the inheritance of craftsmanship of CHAENG people; the birth of every equipment exhibits painstaking efforts and wisdom of CHAENG people. CHAENG’s 60-years history, is its 60 years of continuous development, and also the CHAENG people’s 60 years craftsmanship persistence and inheritance.

60 years of craftsmanship, centenary dreams of CHAENG. In CHAENG company, the spirits of craftsmanship is “dedication, innovation, lean, service, integrity, team-work”. CHAENG people contribute youth and strength to the development of CHAENG, following the practical and responsible working attitude, with awe of work, try hard to do the job to the best possible level generation after generation.

Our values

60 years of craftsmanship, centenary dreams of CHAENG

Uphold the professionalism and high quality products and services

- dedication

- innovation

- integrity

- team-work

- service

- quality

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