Who we are

About Yaskawa:

With annual sales of 480 billion yen (approximately 3.8 billion euro), Yaskawa is a global technology supplier in the area of robotics, drive and control technology, as well as of solutions in the energy sector. Founded in Japan in 1915, Yaskawa has practiced the same philosophy for over 100 years, namely to deliver products of the highest quality, and in doing so has established itself at the top of the global market. Throughout this time, Yaskawa has evolved from a motor producer to an automation provider and finally, by way of the Industry 4.0 concept i3 mechatronics, to a solution provider.

Yaskawa’s business activities comprise the areas of drives (GA700 inverter drives), motion control (Sigma-7 servo drives, servo motors, machine controllers), robotics (Motoman industrial robots, robot systems), system engineering (generators and converters) as well as information technology (software-based products). Since 2012, Yaskawa’s portfolio has also included control technology, visualization systems and chip solutions from the former VIPA GmbH in Herzogenaurach. The merger was legally finalized in October 2019, when the Profichip brand became a separate product division at Yaskawa known as “Profichip Embedded Solutions.” In October 2014, Yaskawa also acquired The Switch Engineering Ltd., operating in the sectors of wind, marine, and turbo/industrial applications.

Yaskawa is thus one of the few companies in the world able to offer components and solutions for virtually all sectors from a single source.

Thanks to substantial investments into research and development, the company has produced a large number of inventions, patents and innovations. This technological expertise has allowed the company divisions to achieve a leading market position in a wide range of industries, including: mechanical and plant engineering (packaging machines, pumps/compressors, textile machines, digital printing machines, manufacture of cranes and lifting equipment, systems for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, machines for the harvesting/extraction and processing of wood, glass, metal, stone/soil) as well as the elevator industry, automotive construction and the field of assembly and handling applications. The industrial robots of the Motoman brand are used, for example, for robot welding, laboratory automation, for packaging and handling applications as well as in the field of automated painting.

Based in Eschborn near Frankfurt in Germany, Yaskawa Europe GmbH comprises the Drives Motion Controls (automation, drive and control technology), Robotics (industrial robots, systems) and Environmental Energy (environmental engineering) business units, and services the markets of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the states of the former Soviet Union.


Our values

Reliability is our #1 driver. We design reliability in all we do.

Yaskawa has a worldwide reputation for superior reliability in everything it does. Reliability comes top of mind to customers when they think of Yaskawa. They know they can count on our products 100%.

With this value, we amplify the meaning of reliability and what it brings to customers: long-lasting operation, less downtime, low maintenance costs, higher profitability, and peace of mind.

Reliability enables us to deliver results to our customers, meeting or even exceeding their expectations.

We inspire results, and our results are truly inspiring.

We empower our employees to deliver results, reaching higher levels in their specific areas. There are no limits or guidelines on how to attain the final results. Each is free to create a path that best suits his or her own style to cross the finish line.

Likewise, our accomplishments and results are truly enviable. The numbers add up – years in business, growth in profitability, number of products delivered, percentage of fail-safe devices in operation… Take a closer look at our accomplishments from over a century-long history and check our milestones – these are reasons for us to celebrate!

Let’s find new ways to inspire others along the way.

We revolve around motion and are passionate about mastering every aspect of it.

Yaskawa takes pride in its technology and expertise in its chosen business sectors. All areas revolve around motion – robotics, drives, generators, motors – all are strong, accurate, and precisely controlled.

We are in control of our destiny and on top of the technological trends that are making a difference in the world. Connectivity – and networking throughout our global organization – allow our employees to innovate and achieve remarkable results on behalf of customers.

Putting our ideas into motion allows us to master new knowledge and skills.

Take pride in our discreet approach, knowing that actions speak louder than words.

We know how to mix the Eastern culture of a Japanese owner with Western ways of operating in the heart of Europe.

We bridge 100-year-old traditions with modern technological advances, including Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence, contributing to society by increasing industrial performance, productivity, and energy efficiency.

We combine mechatronics, humatronics, and clean power, masterfully mixing machinery and technology with sustainability and the environment.

Successful and sustainable business is about finding the right balance.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of any partnership.

To be even closer in the future, we are deepening our relationships with our customers – to better know their needs and move to a more solution-based business model, selling across the organization.

We serve as a coach and trainer, helping our customers stay ahead of the competition by embracing the advantages offered by our technology.

Yaskawa aims to be the partner of choice for its customers. We’re willing to go the extra mile to explore options and find solutions.